Repairs and Warranty

Elekon AG

Customers inside the EU

Please send your faulty devices to our German partner store WIGUM.
Ziegelei 3
DE-88090 Immenstaad

More information and repair form:

Other customers:

Please observe the following points in order that we can guarantee you a smooth repair process:

1. Repair form

In order to handle your repair quickly, you must fill it and print out the repair form first. The required software (Adobe Reader) can be downloaded from freely.

2. Copy of the invoice

For each sent repair a copy of the invoice / receipt must be attached for the proof of purchase. (Otherwise, point 12 comes into effect.)

3. Warranty

The warranty period is basically 2 years (except microphones). If the unit has no warranty anymore or the defect is not covered by warranty, we will send you a quote.

4. Cost for repair and components

The repair of systems and components will be charged with CHF 84.– per hour plus materials. Devices that have been tested and are functioning properly will also be charged.


If a quote is desired, an amount of CHF 80.– will be charged. If a repair does not exceed CHF 80.–, we will not provide a quotation.

6. Repair time

In general, we need max. 1 week for the repair if the required parts are available in our stock. Repairs will be handled in the order they are received.

7. Repair drop off / pick up

Repairs can be delivered and/or collected to/from our customer service in Luzern. Thus shipping costs and long delivery times can be avoided.

8. Sending

Any repairs have to be addressed as follows:

Elekon AG
Cheerstrasse 16
CH-6014 Luzern

9. Packaging

All submitted products must be packed carefully to avoid damage during shipment. Elekon AG rejects any liability for transport damages.

10. Backup

The customer is required, prior to the submission, to backup any data. Elekon AG is not liable directly or indirectly, for any data loss.

11. Invoice

Any return shipping costs will be charged per package plus possible incurred repair costs. Shipments outside of Switzerland can be charged with additional customs duty or fees. These are collected directly from the shipping company.

12. Important!

If the above mentioned points are not met, Elekon AG reserves the right to return repairs unprocessed.

The General Terms and Conditions of Elekon AG apply.