Bat experience for everyone

  • Automatically detects bat calls and tunes frequency accordingly

  • Powerful speaker output, volume adjustable

  • Starts detection after button push and switches off after a few seconds automatically

  • Optional audio instruction output from SD card

  • Water- and vandal-proof for unattended outdoor use

The BATSCANNER STAND is an automatic bat detector for stationary use. It converts the ultrasonic bat calls into an audible frequency with the „mixer“ principle (heterodyne). The mixing frequency is adjusted automatically for the detected bat species. Thus, the different bat species can be heard without manual tuning. Optionally, an instructional audio file can be played back before the detection period.

It is ideal for demonstration purposes, exhibitions, booths and can by used by virtually anyone even without any bat knowledge.


These are the specifications of the BATSCANNER

Field of application Static bat detecton
Acoustic signal processing Heterodyne conversion
Type of microphone Electret-condenser
Number of microphones 1
Sensitivity range 15–120kHz
Live monitoring Heterodyne
Trigger function yes
Audio out Speaker”
Manual peak frequency selection no
Display LED
Interface Push-button
Size (WxLxD) 130 x 130 x 78 mm
Weight 350g
Protection class IP66
Power supply 12 V DC to 18 V DC, min. 5W


  • BATSCANNER STAND device incl. SD card
  • Start push-button with LED and cable 2m
  • Speaker with cable 2m
  • Ultrasonic microphone with cable 2m
  • Power supply 12V, 5W


Accessories for BATSCANNER STAND


More about:
BATSCANNER , Heterodyne
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