Next generation static bat monitoring

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Our smallest bat detector

  • up to 100h recording time

  • Easy set up with the BATLOGGER Control App


The BATLOGGER S2 is a small all in one static bat detector and ultrasonic recorder that is operated via a mobile phone app.
It is a full spectrum bat detector with a recording time of up to 100 hours.


The BATLOGGER S2 is a small all in one bat detector that is used in combination with the BATLOGGER Control App*.

*requires an Android® or iOS® device with Bluetooth® Low Energy.

BATLOGGER S2 bat detector survey

Small and simple bat detector

The BATLOGGER S2 is easy to use and provides all the features you need in a bat detector. Setting thee device up is easier then ever before, thanks to the BATLOGGER Control App. The S2 is the affordable and simple bat detector that you always wanted.

BATLOGGER S2 control app multiple devices
BATLOGGER S2 control app

Set up with the BATLOGGER Control App

No more navigating through confusing menus to find the setting you want. Just connect your BATLOGGER S2 with our BATLOGGER control app and set it up in seconds.
Setting up one or more devices has never been easier.

Find out more about the BATLOGGER Control App

Batlogger S2 Microphone replacement

Affordable replacement microphones

Microphones degrade over time. Water, dust, and dirt affect the microphone and make it less sensitive. Therefore, we have developed a more affordable microphone, so you can replace an old microphone when it no longer meets your needs.

Batlogger USB file transfer

USB-C charging and file transfer

No hassle with exchanging batteries. Just charge the internal battery with a USB-C charger and your BATLOGGER S2 is ready to record. And downloading the recordings is as simple as pluging in a USB drive.


These are just some of the technical specifications, for more information check the manual of the BATLOGGER S2.

Field of applicationPassive monitoring
Acoustic signal processingReal time 16bit-full spectrum
Sampling rate312.5kHz
Type of microphoneSiSonic
Number of microphones1
Sensitivity range10–150kHz
Trigger functionyes, adjustable
Scheduleryes, adjustable, with sunset/sunrise times
Storageinternal microSD card, 32GB included
InterfaceBATLOGGER Control App
GPSno, location set from App
Size (WxLxD)132 x 72 x 35 mm
Environmental protectionweatherproof
Power supplyinternal 3.6V, 3400mAh battery, USB-C charging
Operating timeup to 100h recording time


These are accessories and spare parts for your BATLOGGER S2:



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