Long-term bat monitoring

  • The BATLOGGER M is a recording system for bat calls

  • It convinces by best audio quality (real time, full spectrum)

  • Meta data like coordinates (GPS) is assigned to every recording

  • Analysis software is included


The BATLOGGER C facilitates the passive monitoring of bat calls and offers an all-round package of thoughtful solutions.

The highly sensitive recording system with various trigger functions and settings is identical to all other BATLOGGER-systems. The extensive possibilities of energy management put you in the position to use the BATLOGGER C at almost all places in the world.

With the built-in GSM module, you are always in the picture, how the status of the device is and whether recordings have been made. Let yourself be informed about the status via SMS and / or email notification.

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The BATLOGGER C has been specially developed to carry out your long time studies automatically.
All components are designed IP67 and ensure trouble-free operation.


Professional bat detector for passive monitoring

The BATLOGGER C has been specially developed to carry out your studies automatically. All components are designed IP67 and ensure trouble-free operation. It is water- and dustproof and comes in a low weight (1.5-1.8kg) box that can be easily carried.

BATLOGGER C hold in hand

Energy management

The BATLOGGER C is optimized for low power consumption at many points. A built-in, non-contact magnetic switch detects the closed upper shell and turn off all unnecessary consumers. The settings of the GPS system and the GSM module can also be optimized through presets of the systems.

On the other hand you have many possibilities of supplying the BATLOGGER C with energy:

  • Direct operation with a 230V power supply
  • Changeable Li-ion battery pack (50h)
  • Second slot for optional add on battery (50h)
  • Additional optional charger for recharge batteries at home
  • Integrated charge controller for direct connection of a solar panel
  • Possibility to connect 12V or 24V batteries

Wide range of accessories

The extensive range of accessories for BATLOGGER C puts you into position to configure your system for your needs. A solar panel for an autonomous operation, or a microphone cable with an integrated test function. Everything built for to work together perfectly.

BATLOGGER accessories


These are just some of the technical specifications, for more information check the manual of the BATLOGGER C.

Field of applicationPassive long-term monitoring
Acoustic signal processingReal time 16bit-full spectrum
Sampling rate312.5kHz
Type of microphoneFG black/green
Number of microphones1
Sensitivity range10–150kHz
Live monitoringHeterodyne (automatic or manual)
Manual peak frequency selectionyes
Trigger functionyes, adjustable
Scheduleryes, adjustable, with sunset/sunrise times
Audio out3.5mm plug
Automatic microphone testoptional
StorageSD card, max 256GB
DisplayLCD with backlight
ConnectivitySMS/Email notification (status/alerts)
Cellular radio2G Quad-band GSM/GPRS (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)
Size (WxLxD)224 x 191 x 99 mm
Protection classIP67
Power supply7.2 battery pack / mains power / solar panel
Operating time50h per battery pack


There are lots of different accessories for your BATLOGGER C:


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