Firmware 2.6 for BATLOGGER A/A+/C/M

The BATLOGGER A/A+/M/C devices get a new firmware

with these new possibilities:

Gunao metadata
  • GUANO Metadata

    GUANO is an open, expandable and open metadata format for bat recordings. WAV files now contain metadata in the GUANO format to improved interoperability with various analysis software.

  • New folder setting “Every Start”

    The new setting creates a new folder for the recordings each time the recording mode is restarted. In addition, daily, weekly, monthly and no-folder recording is also available.

  • Display Mode

    The new display modes “Time with seconds” and “Time of last recording” have been added and can be configured in the Batpars Editor.

  • Updated BATPARS-Editor

    to support new FW settings and with some bugfixes.

Changes for the BATLOGGER C:

  • LTE-Modem support

    Newer revisions models use a future-proof LTE-Modem for sending notifications. Older devices can optionally be converted to LTE after 2G shutdown.

Changes for the BATLOGGER M:

bat counter
  • Bat counter tool

    Easily count incoming or outgoing bats when monitoring roosts or passages. Each count is logged in a file with timestamp and other metadata.

  • Improved GNSS module support

    Newer revisions models support Galileo to improve location accuracy and speedup TTFF. Galileo is available in devices manufactured in week 1815 and later.

Download the Firmware 2.6 here:

Please follow the appropriate installation instructions and also note the updated user manuals.

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