Firmware 2.6 for BATLOGGER A/A+/C/M

The BATLOGGER A/A+/M/C devices get a new firmware

with these new possibilities:

  • New folder setting “Every Start” The new setting creates a new folder for the recordings each time the recording mode is restarted. In addition, daily, weekly, monthly and no-folder recording is also available.
  • GUANO Metadata GUANO is an open, expandable and open metadata format for bat recordings. Now BATLOGGER recordings are automatically saved with this extension in the .wav files. Further information can be found here: .
  • Display Mode The new display modes “Time with seconds” and “Time of last recording” have been added and can be configured in the Batpars Editor.

Changes for the BATLOGGER C:

The support of new LTE modules for the transmission of SMS and/or email was implemented. This allows older devices to be converted from 2G frequencies to LTE after shutdown.

Changes for the BATLOGGER M:

It is now possible to receive Galileo GNS for all devices manufactured in week 1815 and later. This means that GPS, Glonas and Galileo will then be available. In addition, the BATLOGGER M has been equipped with an entry/exit counter. With this, these data can now also be stored.

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