Firmware 2.5 for BATLOGGER A/A+/C/M

There is a new Firmware available for all our BATLOGGER devices

Custom display text

with these new possibilities:

  • New SD Trigger

    Similar to the period trigger, the SD trigger uses the periodicity of the signal to distinguish insects from bats and only triggers if sinusoid signals (bats) are present. To adapt to different recording environments, the sensitivity and frequency bounds can be adjusted.

  • Trigger-Ignore

    To reduce recurring recordings of the same animal, a trigger ignore time can be configured.

  • Display Modus

    There are new display configurations available and you can customise the display to show what you want.

SMS status message

Special changes for BATLOGGER C:

The SMS/email status message was updated. It includes the different frequencies that were recorded.

Special changes for BATLOGGER M:

To improve the hearing experience, an automatic muting/unmuting (squelch) can be configured. The output is muted as long as no trigger event is happening.

Download the Firmware 2.5 here:

Please read the installation manual for your device.

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