Can I use the WE X outside of a wind turbine?

The BATLOGGER WE X is a device that usually needs mains power and is meant for indoor use (not waterproof). If you know what a charge controller is and you don’t mind building stuff yourself, there’s still a possibility to use it oudoors.

You need these parts to make it work:

WE X outdoor use

Make sure that the WE X is in a completely waterproof box and figure out a way to get the microphone cable outside of this box without letting water in.

The BATLOGGER WE X, the solar panel and the battery need to be connected through a charge controller:

WE X wiring solar panel battery


  • If you damage your BATLOGGER WE X by creating an outdoor device, it’s not covered by warranty.
  • The BATLOGGER needs at least 11V. Make sure that the charge controller is shutting down the BATLOGGER if there is less than 11V.

What can I get from Elekon?

  • WE X with microphones, cables
  • Adapter cable for external charging

What do I get from somewhere else?

  • Waterproofing. I.E. a box or something else
  • Charge controller for solar panels
  • Solar panel
  • 12V battery

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