Why does the M2 come without a charger?

Belive me, we thought about this for a long time. If you’re annoyed by this, I get your point, but here’s our thoughts:

  • It’s always the wrong one. If we need to include all the adapters for different countries, you will end up with a huge brick that covers all your other wall sockets.
  • If we include one in the box, we have to charge you more. And then you get a charger that isn’t the best one for you.
  • If you have multiple devices, you will buy a charger that can charge multiple devices (and then you end up with a bag full of chargers that you don’t need).
  • until you get the charger you like, you can still charge your BATLOGGER M2 at any USB port.
  • at least we included a USB-C to USB-A adapter! That must count for something, right? :)

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