How to reset the GPS module

If your BATLOGGER has problems getting a GPS fix, it can be helpful to reset the GPS module.

To reset the module, go to setup menu 47, choose “reset module” and start the reset with >>.

GPS reset

While using the GPS, please be aware of the following to ensure a good GPS reception:

  • Use 1 second interval (Setup->Location/GPS)
  • Activate tracking (Setup->Location/GPS)
  • GPS fix before starting the recording
  • The GPS antenna is in the top part of the device and needs a clear view to the sky
  • Keep a distance (>15cm) to other electronic devices (incl. other BATLOGGER devices)
  • After a longer time of not using the Batlogger (> a couple of days) the routes of the GPS satellites have to be updated. The GPS module needs good reception for this and up to 12min time. To make sure that the device doesn’t turn off during this time, please open the GPS status menu on the Batlogger (Setup->Location/GPS->Show Status).

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