How to change the internal CR2032 battery

If the BATLOGGER A / A+ loses the time and date, the internal CR2032 battery is empty and should be changed.

Turn the device off and remove the 8 AA batteries (A) or the battery pack (A+). To change the internal CR2032 battery, the front part of the Batlogger has to be removed. This can be done by loosening the front at the four corners.

Battery change 01

Loose the front carefully with a screwdriver at all four corners. Be aware to only do that in the corners so the device doesn’t get damaged.

Battery change 02

Make sure that you position the screwdriver in the right location.

Battery change 03

Continue with this at all four corners.

Battery change 04

The front can now be removed and the internal battery is shown. Carefully remove it and replace the old one with a new CR2032.

Battery change 05

Put the front back in it’s position by connecting it at the top first. Check if both cables are in the right position and aren’t being jammed before pushing the bottom connectors back in.

Battery change 06

Push the front back in it’s place.

Battery change 07

Check that the front is back in it’s place in all four corners. You should hear a click sound in all four corners when the connection is correct.

Battery change 08

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