How to import the Data into GIS software?

The data of the recordings like species, temperature, notes etc. can be processed in a geographic information system (GIS). To do this export the data as CSV file (Comma Separated Values, Excel) or KML file (Google Earth).

An example will illustrate the procedure with QGIS.

Export data from BatExplorer:

  1. Setup the fields to export: Menu ‘Tools’ -> ‘Options’ -> ‘Export’ Tab. The coordinates (longitude, latitude) must be exported.
  2. In the project tab, select the desired recordings (CTRL+A for all).
  3. In the menu or context menu (right click) select ‘Export’ -> ‘to CSV …’ .
  4. Enter path and filename.
  5. A file is produced which contains the information in addition to the coordinates.

Import data into QGIS:

  1. Menu ‘Layer’ -> ‘Add Layer’ -> ‘Add delimited text layer…’
  2. ‘Browse’ for the previously created CSV file.
  3. If the coordinates fields were not found automatically, assign the appropriate fields (X = Longitude, Y = Latitude, Point coordinates).
  4. Load the data with ‘OK’.
  5. Assign the coordinate system (WGS84 or CH1903) depending on the exported fields.
  6. A new layer is added with one point per recording. Use the layer properties to adjust symbols, colors, text etc.

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