BATLOGGER M2 Firmware 1.0

BATLOGGER M2 Firmware 1.0

Device Firmware

Firmware 1.0.6. Compatible with BATLOGGER M2 devices.


  • BATLOGGER M2 Firmware
  • Update instructions


  1. Make sure that the device battery is fully charged
  2. Download the firmware file (ZIP) to the computer
  3. Place the SD card into the computer
  4. Delete any old firmware (.upd) file from the SD cards root folder.
  5. Extract the downloaded ZIP file and copy the extracted files to the SD card. The file ‘BLM2_X.X.X.upd’ must be placed in the root folder of the SD card.
  6. Place the SD card into the device
  7. Turn on the device
  8. Choose “Settings”
  9. Choose “System”
  10. Choose “Update Firmware”
  11. The firmware file is recognised and prompted to install.
  12. Press ‘OK’ to install, wait until all installation steps have been completed. The device restarts automatically after successful installation.

See for further instructions.


(1.0.6 Released 29.04.2021)

  • Various stability improvements

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