BatExplorer 2.0

BatExplorer 2.0

Analysis software

BatExplorer 2.0.5 Analysis Software for Windows


  • Download setup file
  • Run the setup file (EXE)
  • Follow the instructions

System requirements

  • Windows 10
  • Multi-core processor (64 Bit recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)
  • 10+ GB hard drive space (depends on the number of recordings, SSD recommended)

BatExplorer depends on Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4.7, which is automatically installed if it isn’t already on the system.


Please find more information in the Online Guide.


Version 2.0

(Released 14.09.2018,

  • Bugfixing and stability improvements

(Released 05.07.2018,

  • Bugfixing and improved user experience

(Released 22.06.2018,

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for help, open/new project, open wav
  • Bugfixing and improved user experience

(Released 16.05.2018,

  • Bugfixing and performance improvements

(Released 09.05.2018,

  • Customizable tasks (batch processing): Apply actions (Note, assign species, delete, …) automatically to certain (filtered) recordings
  • Project-Templates, save a template of the current project settings for later reuse, manage different settings for different scenarios/regions/…
  • New call detection algorithm with improvments for short FM calls, separates multiple species in one recording
  • Recordings list table view
  • Improved grid-views: choose columns, 3-state sorting, sort multiple columns
  • Custom (bat) species libraries
  • Included bat species libraries for EU and UK
  • Import NON-BATLOGGER recordings (WAV, RAW) into project
  • New dark and light theme
  • Improved spectrogram display
  • Improved manual spectrogram measurement tool
  • Edit call-shape tool
  • Improved initial zoom possibilities
  • New Freq/Time diagram
  • 5-Star-Rating for recordings
  • Classifications are now annotated with source (auto, reviewed, user, custom)
  • Mean call shape is now visualized in recordings list
  • Extended NewProject-Wizard with templates and tasks
  • InstantSpecies is now a list (add as many buttons as you like)
  • Species color override, also for ‘none’ and ‘custom’ species
  • Improved recordings filter, new filter parameters: Call type, Species count, Location, Invert…
  • Option to open next recording when assigning a species from the list
  • Extended CSV export from statistic diagrams (e.g. frequencies/time)
  • Export species statistics as image (e.g. as legend for the map)
  • Export background color is now a setting (Foreground is black or white depending on background)
  • Import and display BATREC.log and BATSTAT.csv
  • Copy BATLOGGER Metadata to clipboard as text
  • Quickly open as single recording file without creating a whole project by passing it as command line parameter (Open with…) or via DragNDrop from Windows Explorer
  • Delete all visible calls in the spectrogram at once
  • Search manual location
  • Close-Tab shortcut (Ctrl+W)
  • Optionally recycle deleted recs and undo deletion
  • Export a GPX file from the locations of the recordings
  • Assign recording locations from GPX files to fill gaps with no GPS signal or when using other GPS logger
  • General stability and performance improvements

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