BATLOGGER M Firmware 2.4

BATLOGGER M Firmware 2.4

Geräte Firmware

Firmware 2.4.6. Kompatibel mit BATLOGGER und BATLOGGER M.


  • BATLOGGER Firmware
  • BATPARS Editor Software (Windows and MAC)
  • BATLOGGER manuals


  1. Make sure that the BATLOGGER battery is fully charged
  2. Download the Firmware file (ZIP) to the computer
  3. Place the SD card into the computer
  4. Extract the downlaoded ZIP file and copy the extracted files to the SD card. The file ‘FWX-X-X.BL’ must be placed in the root folder of the SD card.
  5. Place the SD card into the BATLOGGER
  6. Turn on the BATLOGGER
  7. The firmware file is recognised and prompted to install
  8. Press ‘>>’ to install, after installation the BATLOGGER turns off
  9. Turn on the BATLOGGER
  10. The Firmware is verified and prompted to delete
  11. Press ‘>>’ to delete
  12. The BATLOGGER starts up to operation


(2.4.6 Released 20.06.2016)

  • BATPARS Editor Software with runtime estimation
  • Various stability improvements

(2.4.4 Released 30.10.2015)

  • Fix occasional device locked after FW upgrade
  • Various stability and performance improvements

(2.4.3 Released 22.09.2015)

  • It is now possible to open process menu during sampling to directly listen to last recordings
  • Added Play Pitch and Play Mixer to directly choose playback mode
  • LCD-Backlight brightness is now configurable 0..100%
  • Added new GPS Mode 4: Set manual location from GPS when starting recording mode
  • Added LockDevice option for theft protection
  • Improved manual date/time entry
  • FolderMode Daily is now default
  • Create ROUTE.kml on startup in root and BL folders to better support BATSCOPE
  • Support Charger-Relais (supported models only)
  • Added better crash handling and logging
  • Added warning messages if mic or mic connection damaged
  • Various stability and performance improvements

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