BatExplorer 2.2

BatExplorer 2.2


BatExplorer 2.2.6 Analyse-Software für Windows


  • Windows 10, 11
  • Multi-core Prozessor (64 Bit empfohlen)
  • 4 GB RAM (16 GB empfohlen)
  • 10+ GB Festplattenspeicher (abhängig von Anzahl Aufnahmen, SSD empfohlen)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8, welches manuell installiert werden muss falls es noch nicht auf dem System ist


  • BatExplorer Setup-Datei herunterladen
  • Setup-Datei (EXE) ausführen
  • den Anweisungen folgen


Weitere Informationen zur Software finden Sie im Online Guide.


Version 2.2

(Released 21.11.2023,

  • Bugfixing and stability improvements

(Released 26.10.2023,

  • Improved call statistics on multi-species recordings
  • Bugfixing and stability improvements

(Released 17.05.2023,

  • Bugfixing and stability improvements

(Released 20.02.2023,

  • Support for stereo and multi-channel recordings (up to 8 channels)
  • Visualize calls in the waveform overview
  • Playback a recording looped, specify a part for playback/looping, play visible range
  • Optionally parse filenames of non-BATLOGGER recordings during import to extract meta-data
  • One-Click express project function to create a new project out of a folder with recordings without the hassle of going through the whole wizard
  • Extended Command Line Interface (CLI) to create new projects and process recordings unattended or from scripts
  • Extended CSV export configuration possibilities, configurable CSV separator, use export settings for Copy&Paste, export individual parts of location information, export activity average temperatures
  • Extended filter capabilities, search text can now “match whole word” and “match case”, filter time of night, filter voice comments
  • Frequencies/Time graph can now be grouped by time of night
  • Use filters from/to dates/times to generate statistics charts with extend begin/end
  • Extended spectrogram options, allow separate settings for analysis and display, optional absolute scaling, extended window functions
  • Extended analyser options with peak frequency range and bat call filter to better allow analysis of non-bat recordings
  • Optionally display spectrum in dB
  • Basic support for ALLSOUNDER recordings
  • Improved call detection and species suggestions
  • Auto species assignments can now be marked as verified
  • Create a new species library out of a projects data to get a good base that contains most data already
  • Setup: Allow installation w/o admin privileges
  • Improved Windows 11 compatibility
  • Bugfixing, stability and performance improvements

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