BatExplorer 1.11

BatExplorer 1.11


BatExplorer 1.11.4 Analyse-Software für Windows


  • BatExplorer Setup-Datei herunterladen
  • Setup-Datei (EXE) ausführen
  • den Anweisungen folgen


  • Windows 7 (empfohlen),
    • oder Windows Vista SP1 (SP2 und Platform Update empfohlen),
    • oder Windows 8.1
    • oder Windows 10
  • Windows Media Player 11 oder höher (mit AAC-Codec)
  • min. 1000MHz Prozessor (Multi-core empfohlen)
  • min. 1024MB RAM (>4GB empfohlen)
  • min. 1024 x 768 Bildschirmauflösung
  • 500+ MB Festplattenplatz (abhängig von Anzahl Aufnahmen)

BatExplorer läuft auf Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4.5, welches automatisch installiert wird falls es noch nicht auf dem System ist.


Version 1.11

(Released 30.06.2016,

  • Save/restore filter profiles
  • More “instant species” buttons
  • Open recordings in RAW file format
  • Bugfixing and minor UI enhancements

(Released 05.11.2015,

  • Bugfixing and performance improvements

(Released 25.09.2015,

  • Fix Spectrogram not refreshed when using “Next recording” function

(Released 31.08.2015,

  • Each species has a color marker now for better visual differentiation
  • Added more information to recordings list (Quality, call length, call dist, notes…)
  • Added filter for species suggestions
  • Added filter/sort for mean call-length/distance
  • Adv. filter has now EditBoxes to enter values directly

  • Added instant species selection buttons to assign species and open next rec with one click

  • Added custom species list to species selection popup, lets user maintain a list of own species

  • Added autocompletion for custom species

  • Species selection hyperlinks have now a context menu

  • Added custom zoom spectrogram view, lets the user setup a custom freq/time proportion

  • Added save/restore current spectrogram view to better compare multiple calls

  • Added more color palettes for spectrograms: Sunrise, Colorful, Neon1, Neon2

  • Added custom color palette for spectrograms

  • Added marker measurement dimensioning

  • Import data like notes or classifications from CSV-file (Comma Separated Values) and assign it to recordings

  • Improved delete recordings, remember “Do this for all”, select successor item after deletion

  • Added removable drives list to import wizard

  • Added open fullscreen map to View menu

  • Options dialog: New tab with spectrogram settings

  • Reset settings improved (resets all incl. ui settings now)

  • Export RecordingQuality

  • Extended help and documentation

  • Bugfixing and cosmetics

Version 1.10

(Released 30.04.2014,

  • It is now possible to copy (csv) exportable data to clipboard
  • Fixed disabled species ignored in some cases
  • Support none 16bit wav files
  • Bugfixing

(Released 01.04.2014,

  • Bugfixing

(Released 31.03.2014,

  • New: Assign up to two species per recording
  • New: Export CSV fields are now customizable, additional export fields
  • Added species demofiles to bat library, can be opened as recording tab
  • New: Call shapes (cf-e,cf-n,fm-l,fm-d,fm-a) are now determined and can be used to filter species
  • Added possibility to add custom calls via selecting area in spectrogram
  • Update species suggestion when adding/deleting calls
  • Added heatmap view
  • New: Auto playback audio option when opening recording tab
  • It is now possible to pause and resume audio playback
  • It is now possible to open time expanded (custom) wav files
  • User settings can now be exported/imported
  • Recording quality classifier added (calculates the probability (%) that recording contains bat calls) (experimental)
  • Calculation tries to find horizontal frequency peaks (noise lines) and then blocks calls in these bands (experimental)
  • Added “change location” in recording tab
  • Added support for BATLOGGER folders, recordings with the same filename (but different timestamp) can now be imported into one project
  • New import recordings treeview with easier multiselection
  • Call intensity is now measured in dB
  • Species text is now lower case as common in scientific notation (Genus species)
  • Added some new bat photos (thanks to the contributors)
  • Bugfixing and cosmetics

Version 1.9

(Released 15.10.2013,

  • Fixed ‘Location’ is not set even if GPS position is valid
  • Other bugfixes

(Released 26.08.2013,

  • Improved overview spectrogram:
    • Option to display user selectable number of calls in a compacted spectrogram (default) or first 2s of recording
    • Save spectrogram image in needed resolution only to speedup saving/loading and save disk space
  • Display horizontal lines at user selectable frequencies for quick visual distinction
  • New faster FFT
  • Optimized species suggestion algo
  • It is now possible to enter a manual text as bat species (Shift+Click on “Species: Select…“)
  • Improved calls statistics calculation and species lookup in cases with only one call
  • Filter calls list and map according to displayed recordings
  • Added length measurement in zoomed waveform diagram
  • Cached recordings view changes to speedup consecutive filtering
  • Set recordings filter via activity and frequency diagrams zoom
  • Improved diagram time axis display
  • Improved zoomed waveform alignment
  • Improved MySlider to work with mouse wheel for easier entry of small steps
  • Export map as image
  • Extended help and guides information
  • Error report now with user message
  • Fixed bat species spoken name misassigned if genus = species
  • Fixed trigger values display
  • Better error/exception handling for file read/write problems
  • Fixed spectrogram zoom issues with Microsoft mice
  • Other bugfixes

Version 1.8

(Released 17.05.2013)

  • Species identification at genus level only
  • Pre-selection of species that can occur at all
  • Quicker species selection with new dropdown list and keyboard operation
  • Exclude call distance from lookup filter if zero
  • Added Auto-Analyse setting to project, if off imported recs are only loaded but not analysed
  • Improved/Reworked analyser Pause/Stop processing handling and analyser status display
  • Keep some spectrogram settings (palette, luminance, …) in record view when going to next/prev recording
  • Improved Map Marker display
  • Improved Keyboard-Shortcut handling
  • Notes auto-completion is now optional
  • Compress spectrogram image option
  • Added additional genus data and observation infos to species library
  • New/Additional bat pictures
  • Added optional send error feedback function if the program crashes
  • Fixed: XML import error due to specific localisation settings
  • Other bugfixes

Version 1.7

(Released 14.01.2013)

  • Added GPX tracks handling (import, add, remove, display)
  • Added fullscreen map dialog with bigger map display and track diagrams (altitude, speed)
  • Improved MapMarkers display and tooltips
  • Added some new map providers
  • Added map selection to manual location override dialog
  • Faster FFT calculation
  • Use Filter/Sorting of project recordings for Prev/Next recording buttons
  • Improved load and analyse error handling
  • Added some new keyboard shortcuts for recording display and handling (zoom, next, play, …)
  • Fixed GPS timestamp format: UTC to local
  • Fixed/improved call end detection
  • Cosmetics and other small bugfixes

Version 1.6

(Released 25.05.2012)

  • Added additional information (size, habitat, etc.) and audio samples to bat species library
  • Added “Delete and Next” function to detailed recording view
  • Added more statistics (Frequencies, species)
  • Added function to delete calls
  • Added export of diagrams (spectrogram, waveform, spectrum, statistics)
  • Added trigger info to spectrogram
  • Added date/time recording filter
  • Improved project list view navigation (Home, End, Page Up/Dn)
  • Improved call detection algo
  • Improved species suggestion algo
  • Changed min. call intensity default to 10%
  • Disabled BatPars Editor since there is a new external tool for this
  • Graceful handling of missing project files
  • Added Temperature to csv export
  • Detail waveform display now zooms Y-Axis as well
  • Improved busy indication when processing recordings
  • Cosmetics and other small bugfixes

Version 1.5

(Released 22.12.2011)

  • Added Show Call function from main calls list (Right click on call)
  • Added Divider playback Method (experimental)
  • Added Re-Analyse in Detail Tab (Removed FFT Length and Windowing from screen -> can still be changed in options dialog)
  • Added detection of recordings analyses with old version when opening project and offer re-analyse
  • Added select species for multiple recordings
  • Added set/override location
  • Added “Play selected” to allow playing multiple selected files
  • Added more Icons
  • Improved “Zoom to Call” for better comparability
  • Improved calls list loading speed
  • Fixed filter localized bat species
  • Fixed volume slider
  • Other small fixes

Version 1.4

(Released 24.11.2011)

  • Optimised call detection and automatic measurements
  • Fixed/optimized parameters in bat species library
  • Improved Contrast/Luminanz-Setting
  • Other small improvements and bugfixes

Version 1.3

(Released 02.11.2011)

  • Added open and process non BATLOGGER WAV-Files (Menu File -> Open wav)
  • Added editor for BatPars BATLOGGER parameter (Menu Tools -> BATLOGGER Setup)
  • Added DragNDrop between two BatExplorer instances, export to Windows Explorer
  • New setup fixes several issues
  • Performance improvements and improved memory handling
  • Fix issue with 3rd party TreeListView control
  • Other small improvements and bugfixes

Version 1.2

(Released 23.09.2011)

  • Fixed issues with regional settings

(Released 16.09.2011)

  • Added zoomable waveform display
  • Improved call detection algorithm
  • Added bat species library with filter and search possibilies and assignement to recording
  • Added computer aided species selection and species suggestion
  • Added automatic call measurements and statistics
  • Added call data and shape display in spectrogram
  • Added Google KMZ export
  • Added advanced filters and sorting
  • Added first parts of translation (German for now in some dialogs)
  • Other improvements and bugfixes

Version 1.1

(Released 28.06.2011)

  • Added a startpage with additional instructions, tutorials and information about our products
  • Added new WAV-output method: Heterodyne mixer
  • Added calls list to project page
  • Added charts with call activity and temperature pattern
  • Added spectrum and spectrogram scala
  • Added browse recordings directly from record tab (previous/next recording)
  • Added delete recording directly from recording tab
  • Added remaining time estimation during analysis
  • Improved Setup, single exe file
  • Improved sorting menus and adorner, added listview sorting to more list
  • Fixed layout persistence
  • Fixed csv export (GPS issue)
  • Fixed update map when switching tab
  • Other small improvements and bugfixes

Version 1.0

First release 19.04.2011

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