• Organize recordings easily and fast
  • Analyse and classify recordings
  • Automatic bat call detection
  • Bat species suggestions
  • Listen and look recordings easily
  • Free Software

Manage BATLOGGER recordings easily and Quickly

Organize your BATLOGGER recordings in projects. Various diagrams and charts summarize the data well-arranged. Filter and sort to find the relevant data quickly. Import, export and backup features simplify the handling of a large number of recordings.

Analysis made Easy

The software automatically detects bat calls and displays them. Customizable spectrogram with zoom and measuring aids facilitate the evaluation. Computer-aided identification of species with the help of the integrated bat species library (european species).

Play with your Recordings

Listen to the recordings, expanded in time and thus in the audible range. Thanks to the BATLOGGER's GPS you can see on a map where the shots were taken. All BATLOGGER metadata (temperature, triggers, ...) is displayed.

After the analysis your data can be further processed easily. Export the results for example into your GIS or create your own statistics with a spreadsheet tool.

The software is provided free of charge.