BATLOGGER M Datalogger for recording ultrasound vocalizations of bats

  • The BATLOGGER M is a recording system for bat calls
  • It convinces by best audio quality (real time, full spectrum)
  • Meta data like coordinates (GPS) is assigned to every recording
  • Analysis software is included


The BATLOGGER M is a system for recording bat calls. It is a compact and versatile tool with a lot of features for scientists and all people interested in bat protection.

The ultrasonic sounds of the bats are recorded unaltered and in best audio quality (real-time, full spectrum). The BATLOGGER M can be used as bat detector as well. The integrated live monitoring (heterodyne, with automatic tuning) with speaker or headphones simplify work. A wide range of accessories make the BATLOGGER M universally.

In addition to the normal recording of bat calls on an SD card, further data and meta-information is collected and stored. The most important feature here is the built-in GPS receiver. Every recording is referenced by the coordinates of its position. This information is particularly valuable in elaborate setups with several recording devices, or in mobile transect recordings. Additionally, the temperature at the time of recording is also recorded.

The BATLOGGER M is an appealing solution for professional bat monitoring applications, e.g. studies for wind turbines, as well as for interested private users and biologists.

Suggested retail price: CHF 1730.- (excl. VAT)



Highly sensitive recording system

All data relevant for the bat capture are recorded automatically and in a single device:

  • Ultrasonic calls (10 - 150 kHz)
  • Location, track (via GPS)
  • Temperature
  • Recording parameters (timestamp, trigger, ...) 

The recordings are stored on an SD card and can be displayed and evaluated on a PC. The ultrasonic microphone is one of the most sensitive on the market. 

Advanced bat detector

Due to the sophisticated tools and automatics the work ot the bat observer is made much easier. The built-in live monitoring (mixer, resp. superheterodyne) tunes to the different call frequencies automatically. On detected bat activity the recording can be started automatically or manually and the most important informations is displayed directly and clearly.

Systematic bat monitoring

The enduring internal battery allows recordings over several nights to monitor a site in detail and to understand the local activity. For even longer autonomous observation and protection against weather influences the BATLOGGER M can be extended with the StrongBox.

Reliable companion

On exploration walking tours especially the location recording is important. "Where was that again?" Often the place is an important hint to the species or the interesting observation. For transect studies, the walked way can also be recorded and displayed together with the bat call data.
Determining factor for mobile use is size and weight. The BATLOGGER M is very compact and fits comfortably in your hand.

Individually adjustable

Different observation situations require different recording settings. Scheduled recording, permanent recording, instant recording and different triggers (for call identification) can be set up.
Charts and statistics summarize the recorded data clearly and concisely and can be exported for further processing. 

Open data formats

We believe the data belongs to the user. Therefore the recordings and metadata are stored in open formats such as WAV and XML. Thus you do not need special software to use the data and can, besides our software, also use other popular audio and bioacoustics programs.

Configure via PC

With BATPARS Editor Software it is easy and user-friendly to create and customize the BATLOGGER M settings with your computer (Windows and Mac).
So it is a breeze to adjust all parameters according to your wishes, even without searching the manual for the correct values.

Other features

  • Intelligent recording schedule, e.g. sunset to sunris
  • Recording trigger adjustable in-depth, different algorithms can be selected according to the recording situation
  • Monitoring function (heterodyne) optional manually adjustable
  • Location and movement information such as direction and speed, or distance to a particular location displayed
  • Power saving features for etxra long running times
  • Microphone easily changeable
  • Can also be used as an ultrasonic player e.g. for test and demonstration purposes or as an acoustic bat lure


Size (WxLxD) 80 x 155 x 38 mm 
Weight 350 g 
Size of case (WxLxD) 330 x 280 x 75 mm

Power supply3.7V 4600mAh Li-Ion-Akku
Power consumption when recordingapprox. 230mA
Power consumption in sleep-modeapprox. 10 mA
Operating time (recording)approx. 18 h per battery charge
Operating time (sleep-mode)approx. 400 h per battery charge

Charger / Charging
Charger (included)Wall power supply 12 V DC
Charging socket (voltage, capacity)9 V DC to 15 V DC, min. 5 W
Battery chargeI-/U-charge with 750 mA / 4.2 V
Charging durationapprox. 7h

Mode Full spectrum 
Samplingrate312.5 kHz
Amplitude resolution16 bits (ADC)
Sensitivity range10 - 150 kHz
TriggermodesManual, Continuous, FFT-Crest, Period
FFT-Trigger: 4 parametersCrest / RMS / High Pass / Peak
Periodtrigger: 2 parametersProdVal / DivVal
Recording duration after trigger0 - 53.5 sec @ 312.5 kHz SR
Recording duration before trigger0 - 53.5 sec @ 312.5 kHz SR
Recording duration with manual trigger0 - 53.5 sec @ 312.5 kHz SR
Recording duration with continuous trigger0 - 53.5 sec @ 312.5 kHz SR
Programmable time intervals2 per  Day

Additional measurements
PositioningGPS (Koordinaten/Zeit)
GPS – modeon / off
Temperatures of environmentResolution 1°C, internal

Type of microphoneelectret microphone
Speakerpiezo, 90dB
Audio outearplug (3.5mm plug)

Data storage
Storage mediaSDHC/SDXC up to 256GB
Length of single "call"-sequences0 - ca. 50 sec pro File @ 312.5 kHzSR
Recordings per GigaByteapprox. 25 minutes (real time)
Type of microphoneElectret mikrophone, plug-in type  

Data transferSD-, SDHC memory card
File formats*.wav and *.xml
Time expansionFactor 1 – 20 (Pitch)


First Steps

5 easy steps to your first recordings of bat calls


1. Prepare bat walk

1. Prepare bat walk

Press the two buttons '<<' and '>>' at the same time. The BATLOGGER M starts up. Now press the '>>' button to enter record mode. You can now begin your trip and start walking.


2. Bat calls are automatically recorded

2. Bat calls are automatically recorded

Once a bat is within hearing distance, a recording is started automatically and their calls are stored directly and unaltered to the SD card. If the bat flies away the recording stops automatically. In addition, place, time, temperature, etc. is stored on together with every recording.


3. Finish observation and shut down

3. Finish observation and shut down

After the excursion, leave the recording mode by pressing the 'Menu' key ("Exit Record") and then confirm with the '>>' button. Turn off the BATLOGGER M by pressing the 'Menu' button three times ("Shut Off") and then confirm with the '>>' button.



 Load recordings into the computer

4.   Load recordings into the computer

Start your PC and insert the BATLOGGER M SD card into the card reader of your PC. Open BatExplorer (BatExplorer must be installed first on your computer), create a new project and import the recordings from the SD card to your computer. An wizard dialogue guides you in this step. The recordings are copied to the hard drive and BatExplorer starts the analysis automatically.


5. Analyse the recordings

5. Analyse the recordings

Congratulations! You can now view, listen to and evaluate your recordings. n the project view BatExplorer shows all recorded data and the results of the automatic analysis (recordings, calls, frequencies, statistics, map, etc.). Click the "Play" button of a recording to play it, transformed into the audible range, or open the detail view of a recording by double-clicking its spectrogram.



Analysis software helps you analyse your recordings:

BatExplorer for Windows

Manage recordings easily and quickly
 The software to organize and analyse your BATLOGGER recordings. 

BatExplorer Software

BatScope for Mac

Analysing software from the WSL
 The researchers of the WSL bioacoustic group did a big part on the development of the BATLOGGER. They provide an analysis software for free.

BatScope Software