• The BATLOGGER C is a recording system for bat calls
  • It convinces by best audio quality (real time, full spectrum)
  • Meta data like coordinates (GPS) is assigned to every recording
  • Analysis software is included
  • Forward-looking energy management on site
  • Messages about events and status of the device


The BATLOGGER C facilitates the passive monitoring of bat calls and offers an all-round package of thoughtful solutions.

The highly sensitive recording system with various trigger functions and settings is identical to all other BATLOGGER-systems. The extensive possibilities of energy management put you in the position to use the BATLOGGER C at almost all places in the world.

With the built-in GSM module, you are always in the picture, how the status of the device is and whether recordings have been made. Let yourself be informed about the status via SMS and / or email notification.

Suggested retail price: CHF 1990.– (excl. VAT)



Highly sensitive recording system

All data relevant for the bat capture are recorded automatically and in a single device:

  • Ultrasonic calls (10 – 150 kHz)
  • Location, track (via GPS)
  • Temperature
  • Recording parameters (timestamp, trigger, ...) 

The recordings are stored on an SD card and can be displayed and evaluated on a PC. The ultrasonic microphone is one of the most sensitive on the market. 

Professional bat detector for passive monitoring

The BATLOGGER C has been specially developed to carry out your "very long time" studies automatically. All components are designed IP67 and ensure trouble-free operation.

  • Water- and dustproof  IP67
  • Rechargable batteries up to  100 hours recording time
  • Low weight of 1.5 – 1.8 kg
  • Small size, box with carrying handle
  • Integrated connectivity
  • Passive and active anti-theft protection
Energy management, just in case

The BATLOGGER C is optimized for low power consumption at many points. A built-in, non-contact magnetic switch detects the closed upper shell and turn off all unnecessary consumers. The settings of the GPS system and the GSM module can also be optimized through presets of the systems.

On the other hand you have many possibilities of supplying the BATLOGGER C with energy:

  • Direct operation with a 230V power supply
  • Changeable Li-ion battery pack (50h)
  • Second slot for optional add on battery (50h)
  • Additional optional charger for recharge batteries at home
  • Integrated charge controller for direct connection of a solar panel
  • Possibility to connect 12V or 24V batteries
Messages that soothe

Sunday morning at 9:00 clock. Breakfast with the family. Do you really want to know if your devices have made recordings at the site? If not, then let yourself be sending this information via email. So you can also easily forward them.

However, if the BATLOGGER C unexpectedly runs out of power or the box is moved, you can still send an SMS.

  • SMS and/or e-mail are available
  • Daily status report
  • Notification if SD card is nearly full or nearly empty battery
  • Alarm message on movement of BATLOGGER C
  • External connection of the GSM antenna for improving the quality of reception
Highly versatile

Various operational situations require different recording settings. Scheduled recordings, continuous recording, instant recording and different triggers (for call detection) can be adjusted.

With the BATPARS Editor Software (included) it is easy and user-friendly to create and customize the BATLOGGER C settings on the computer (Windows and Mac).
So it is a breeze to adjust all parameters according to your needs.

Due to open file formats such as WAV and XML besides our software, also other popular audio and bioacoustics programs can be used. 

Often the place is a significant indication of the species. With the integrated GPS module, the location is saved with each recording.

Wide range of accessories

The extensive range of accessories of BATLOGGER C puts you into position to configure your system for your needs.

  • Extra batteries, separate battery charger
  • External solar panel, separate fixations
  • Microphone cable with integrated microphone test
  • GSM antenna extension
  • Locks for active anti-theft
  • Microphone mounts for various fixings


Case characteristics
Dimensions (WxLxD)224 x 191 x 99 mm
Weight1.55 kg (1 battery), 1.8 kg (2 battery)
Protection class on weather influencesIP67 (except microphone capsule)


One or two 7.2V, 6900mAh Li-ion battery pack BP-945

Operating time about 5 nights a 10h, per battery pack

Mains operation

10...26 VDC, minimum 20W

Power supply with 24 VDC, 24W, 100 - 240 VAC (included)

Direct connection of photovoltaic module is possible

Ultrasound recording
Sampling312.5 kHz, 16-bit, full spectrum

Ultrasonic microphone, FG-black

Waterproof cable 2m

Sensitivity range10 - 150 kHz
Recording duration0 - 53.5 s, pre- and post-trigger adjustable
Trigger modesManual, Continuous, Crest Adv, Crest, Period
Programmable time intervals2 per day
Interval recordingRecordings with preset pause time
Audio out / Playback

earplug (3.5mm plug)

heterodyne (incl. live-monitoring), time expansion (pitch 1 - 20)

Data storage

Table caption
File formats*.wav, *.xml, *.kml, *.log
Storage media

SD/SDHC/SDXC - cards (SD 2.0)

max. 256 GB, FAT32 formated

Settings and configurationBATPARS Editor (WIN, MAC)                          
Analysis and species identification

BatExplorer (WIN)

BatScope (MAC)


Integrated GSM/GPRS module

Quadband (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

Standard SIM - card slot

Internal oder external antenna

SMS and/or e-mail messages

GNS / location

Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver

Coordinates, altitude, time

Manual set location



Analysis software lets you analyse your recordings:

BatExplorer for Windows

Manage recordings easily and quickly
The software to organize and analyse your BATLOGGER recordings. 

BatExplorer Software

BatScope for Mac

Analysing software from the WSL
The researchers of the WSL bioacoustic group did a big part on the development of the BATLOGGER. They provide an analysis software for free.

BatScope Software