JUST Record bat calls

  • Recording system for bat calls
  • Best audio quality (real time, full spectrum)
  • Small, waterproof device
  • Analysis software


With the BATLOGGER A and A+ bat calls can be recorded on SD card. The highly sensitive recording system with various trigger functions and settings is identical to all other BATLOGGER-systems.

The devices are made to just be placed in the wood for a few days. With the small dimensions it is inconspicuous and thanks to its waterproof housing it can be hidden easily. 

The BATLOGGER A uses standard AA batteries and records up to 30 hours. If a longer recording time is required the BATLOGGER A+ is recommended. It uses exchangeable battery packs with a recording time up to 70 hours.

Suggested retail price:
BATLOGGER A: CHF 900.– (excl. VAT)
BATLOGGER A+: CHF 1160.– (excl. VAT)



Highly sensitive recording system

All data relevant for the bat capture are recorded automatically and in a single device:

  • Ultrasonic calls (10 – 150 kHz)
  • Temperature
  • Recording parameters (timestamp, trigger, ...) 

The recordings are stored on a SD card and can be displayed and evaluated on a PC. The ultrasonic microphone is one of the most sensitive on the market.

Bat detector for passive monitoring

The BATLOGGER A/A+ is perfect to quickly capture a location. All components are designed IP67 and ensure trouble-free operation.

  • Water- and dustproof  IP67
  • Up to 70 hours recording time (A+)
  • Easy to install, uses batteries or battery packs
  • Low weight of ~600g
  • Small, unobtrusive box

BATLOGGER A with AA batteries

BATLOGGER A with standard batteries

Wide range of accessories

The extensive range of accessories for BATLOGGER A/A+ puts you into position to configure your system for your needs.

  • Rechargeable batteries and rechargers
  • Microphone cable with integrated microphone test
  • Microphone mounts for various fixings



Dimensions A (WxLxD)

Dimensions A+ (WxLxD)

113×80×72 mm

113×101×80 mm

Weight A

Weight A+

576 g (incl. batteries and microphone)

695 g (incl. battery pack and mic.)

Protection class on weather influencesIP67 (except microphone capsule)

Batteries A

8× 1.5V AA (HR6) Mignon batteries or 1.2V AA (HR6) rechargeable batteries (not included),

Operating time about 3 nights a 9 h

Battery pack A+
7.2V 6900 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery BP-945
Operating time approx. 5 nights a 10 h

Ultrasound recording
Sampling312.5 kHz, 16-bit, full spectrum

Ultrasonic microphone, FG-black

Waterproof cable 2m

Sensitivity range10 - 150 kHz
Recording duration0 - 53.5 s, pre- and post-trigger adjustable
Trigger modesManual, Continuous, Crest Adv, Crest, Period
Programmable time intervals2 per day
Interval recordingRecordings with preset pause time

Data storage
File formats*.wav, *.xml, *.kml, *.log
Storage media

Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC - cards (SD 2.0)

max. 128 GB, FAT32 formated

Settings and configurationBATPARS Editor (WIN, MAC)  
Analysis and species identification

BatExplorer (WIN)

BatScope (MAC)



Analysis software lets you analyse and classify your recordings:

BatExplorer for Windows

Manage recordings easily and quickly
The software to organize and analyse your BATLOGGER recordings. 

BatExplorer Software

BatScope for Mac

Analysing software from the WSL
The researchers of the WSL bioacoustic group did a big part on the development of the BATLOGGER. They provide an analysis software for free.

BatScope Software