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09.05.2018 – Price reduction BATLOGGER C

Ideal for long-term studies: 

The BATLOGGER C is now available for only  CHF1990.– (excl. VAT). 

The BATLOGGER C records for 100 hours  with internal battery packs and can also be powered through a solar panel, car battery or directly from mains. 
With the built-in GSM module, you are always in the picture, how the status of the device is and whether recordings have been made. Let yourself be informed about the status via SMS and / or email notification.

The BATLOGGER C and much more can be ordered directly from us or on of our partner stores.

12.09.2017 – FIRMWARE 2.5 For BATLOGGER A/A+/C/M

There is a new Firmware available for all our BATLOGGER devices with these new possibilities: 

  • New SD Trigger
    Similar to the period trigger, the SD trigger uses the periodicity of the signal to distinguish insects from bats and only triggers if sinusoid signals (bats) are present. To adapt to different recording environments, the sensitivity and frequency bounds can be adjusted.
  • Trigger-Ignore
    To reduce recurring recordings of the same animal, a trigger ignore time can be configured.
  • Display Modus
    There are new display configurations available and you can customise the display to show what you want.

Special changes for BATLOGGER C:
The SMS/email status message was updated. It includes the different frequencies that were recorded.

Special changes for BATLOGGER M:
To improve the hearing experience, an automatic muting/unmuting (squelch) can be configured. The output is muted as long as no trigger event is happening.

Download the Firmware 2.5 here:

Please read the installation manual for your device.

10.08.2017 – Workshop in Bad Segeberg 22.–23.09.2017

The next BATLOGGER and BatExplorer workshop takes place during 22.–23.09.2017 in Bad Segeberg, Germany.

Find more information directly at our partner store: BatStore.

17.05.2017 – Workshop in Leipzig 26.06.2017

Another workshop regarding the BATLOGGER and the BatExplorer is taking place in Germany on June 26th.

Find more information directly on the website of our service partner BatStore.

For our English speaking customers we will be happy to answer your questions at the Wales Bat Conference 2017.

17.01.2017 – Ready for the new season?

Are your microphones still functioning properly or is it time to get new ones?  Dirt or moisture can reduce the sensitivity of a microphone and compromise your recordings.

Test your microphone with this short instruction or with our Microphone Tester Pulse and be sure that you don't miss a bat call during the new season.

New microphones or the Microphone Tester Pulse are available directly from us or one our our resellers.

10.01.2017 – New year, new prices
To start the new year we want to spread good news: 

The BATLOGGER A is now available for only CHF900.– (excl. VAT). 
We think that this is the ideal solution, if you want a cost efficient real-time system or if you need several devices for your studies.

Our robust device which uses the reliable BATLOGGER recording system is an excellent static full spectrum bat recorder.

And our mobile real-time system BATLOGGER M has also gotten a slight price reduction and is now available for only CHF1730.– (excl. VAT).

These recording devices and much more is available directly from us or at one of our reseller.
03.01.2017 – Workshop in Neu-Ulm

Another workshop regarding the BATLOGGER M and the BatExplorer is taking place in Germany on January 16th. 

Find more information directly on the website of our service partner BatStore.

06.07.2016 – BatExplorer 1.11.4

The version 1.11.4 contains mainly bugfixes and stability improvements. But in addition to that we also added some small features:

  • Save/restore filters
  • Additional "Instant species" buttons
  • Open RAW files (Batcorder)

Download now...

21.06.2016 – Microphone Tester Pulse

Not sure if your bat detector microphone is working properly? With the new Microphone Tester Pulse you can check the functioning of a bat detector microphone quickly. Due to its size, it is the ideal device to have always with you for a quick check ahead of your bat walk. 

Test your BATLOGGER or BATSCANNER with these simple steps:

  1. Place the device with the speaker opening directly on top of the ultrasonic microphone to test
  2. Press the ‘BATLOGGER’ or ‘BATSCANNER’ button according to the device to test
  3. Check if the test pulses are recorded or transformed into audible range as expected

Order it at one of our resellers or have a look at our other accessories.

20.06.2016 – BATLOGGER A/A+/C/M - Firmware 2.4.6

New Firmware 2.4.6 for the BATLOGGER devices:

Please note the respective installation instructions.

BATLOGGER C users who use an additional external 12V power supply, please note the change of the setting "Miscellaneous" -> "12V".

17.06.2016 – Elekon @ IBRC 2016
Durban, South Africa, 31. July - 5. August 2016

Meet us at this years international bat research conference in South Africa. Elekon AG live presents devices and solutions for bat protection. See the latest developments in bat accoustics and talk with us about your requirements and experiences.
21.04.2016 – Workshop for BATLOGGER M and BatExplorer in Germany

A workshop about the use of BATLOGGER M and the BatExplorer software will be held in Münster, Germany. The event will be organised by our service partner WIGUM GmbH. Learn more about smart analysing of your data and the usage of our devices.

Date: 20.05.2016
Time: 10.00–16.00 Uhr
Location: Münster, Germany
Language: German

Please register here.

29.02.2016 – BATLOGGER A+ record even longer

Small, robust and with even longer recording time. Following the BATLOGGER A we want to introduce the new BATLOGGER A+ with changeable battery packs. It records for 5 nights a 10 hours, allows simple battery exchange and more.

And of course you won't miss a bat with this small device either, because even in this small box you will find our highly sensitive recording system.

As usual we provide you not only with the BATLOGGER A+, but with an ultrasonic microphone, micro SD card, battery pack and our free analysis software.

Short specification:

  • Real-time recording and storage of ultrasonic calls on micro SD card
  • Highly sensitive FG-microphone
  • Temperature logging integrated
  • Free analysis software BatExplorer
  • All components waterproof, IP67 (except microphone capsule)
  • Exchangeable battery pack for 5 nights recording time

Suggested retail price: CHF 1160.– (excl. VAT)

Learn more or order your BATLOGGER A+ as from mid March in a store near you.

24.02.2016 – Automatic microphone test

For trouble-free long-term monitoring, it is essential to monitor the microphone sensitivity. With the MC32 microphone cable with integrated tester this is done automatically by the BATLOGGER C or BATLOGGER A/A+ devices.

The MC32W is specially designed for wind turbines. With tester and external GSM antenna connection, the installation in a wind turbine gondola is a breeze.

BATLOGGER accessories

04.11.2015 – BATLOGGER A - ready for delivery
The BATLOGGER A is ready for delivery from today and allows a quick and cost-effective entry into the world of real-time recording of bat calls.

Recording device, micro SD card, ultrasonic microphone and analysis software is included for only CHF 1060.- (recommended retail price, excl. VAT).

Learn more or find a store near you.
02.11.2015 – BATLOGGER C - Firmware 2.4.4

The BATLOGGER C Firmware Version 2.4.4 includes several stability and performance improvements. The archive also includes a new version of BATPARS Editor Software (PC/MAC) with a few bug fixes and enhancements.

All files and instructions required for the firmware update can be downloaded here.
02.11.2015 – BATLOGGER M - Firmware 2.4.4

Compatible with BATLOGGER M and BATLOGGER devices. 
Numerous enhancements for mobile as well as passive monitoring:

  • Replay the latest recordings directly from the recording mode. The play mode (pitch or mixer) can be selected directly without first adjust the settings.
  • The display brightness can now be adjusted from 0 to 100% and thus reduce the glare.
  • The device can now be protected with an access code against manipulation and theft.

More details can be found in the changelog and the adapted the user manual.

Matching the new firmware also the BATPARS Editor Software (PC / MAC) has been adapted. It has been extended with the new parameters of FW2.4, includes additional help through tooltips and received many small adjustments that facilitate the configuration. The manual recording location can now be set using a map. For different operation scenarios, such as transects or wind turbines, there are pre-defined profiles available that set the necessary parameters accordingly.

All files and instructions required for the firmware update can be downloaded here.
22.09.2015 – BatExplorer 1.11

We are pleased to announce the release of the new BatExplorer software version 1.11.

With the new functions, the analysis can be accelerated significantly in some cases, some extensions improve the overview, others simplfy the workflow. The main innovations introduced shortly:

Customizable spectrogram display
If the existing color palettes do not correspond to your preference, the spectrogram colors can now be adjusted completely. Also new is the ability to manually set the zoom view (frequency / length) and save and restore the current view.

It is now possible to filter species suggestions. This allows, for species with reliable automatic detection, to classify all the recordings in a single step. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Set the filter. Detection plausibility, recording quality and other parameters allow a reliable selection.
  2. Select all filtered recordings (Ctrl + A).
  3. Right-click -> "Assign species ..." and then select and assign the species.
  4. The selected recordings are now all classified.

Color markers
The bat species are now color-marked. In the map, for example, the distribution of species can thereby be seen at a glance  and generally it increases the overview in the whole workflow.

Instant classification

Some species can be recognized at a glance and it is helpful to assign them with the least possible effort. Therefore, you can now create qick assign buttons that do the job with a single click, and optionally open the next recording directly.
In addition, now a list with your own species or classifications (e.g. cricket) can be managed. Thus, they can be easily assigned and you have not to enter them again every time.

14.08.2015 – BATLOGGER A - Announcement

The entry level device for passive bat monitoring.

The BATLOGGER - system is expanded with an other device on the lower end. The small, waterproof box contains everything that is needed to record bat calls in real-time. 

Short specification:

  • Real-time recording and storage of ultrasonic calls on micro SD card
  • Free analysis software BatExplorer
  • All components waterproof, IP67 (except microphone capsule)
  • Microphone extension cable with a the new protective tube
  • Uses the proven FG-black microphone
  • Uses standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries

    Prices and start of delivery will follow....

20.07.2015 – Elekon @ BCT 2015 & HUSUM Wind 2015


University of Warwick UK, 11. - 13. September 2015

This September, Elekon AG is participating the most important british bat conference for the first time to present its products and solutions for bat protection. See the latest developments in bat acoustics and talk with us about your concerns and experiences.

HUSUM Wind 2015

Husum DE, 15. - 18. September 2015, Booth 1E15

Wind-energy and bats is an important topic today. Elekon AG provides versatile products and solutions to monitor bat activity on planned and existing wind turbine locations. Meet us at booth 1E15 to see our products or for a short chat.

11.06.2015 – BATLOGGER C - flexible use

With the BATLOGGER C and the right accessories passive bat monitoring is a breeze. Coordinated solutions enable a smooth operation "out of the box". The versatile range of accessories provides the necessary extensions also for unusual applications, without the need to mutate to a hobbyist.

Check out the various possibilities in detail and order the right equipment for your needs in the shop.

08.06.2015 – BATLOGGER M - Firmware v2.3.5

The BATLOGGER M firmware version 2.3.5  has just been released. This mainly includes stability improvements. There is a new GPS module reset function which can be performed at problems with the GPS reception.

Compatible with BATLOGGER M and BATLOGGER devices.


03.03.2015 – BATLOGGER C – Announcement

The proven BATLOGGER - system will come up with an additional device for real-time recording of ultrasound calls. Many ideas of our costumers have been integrated in the brand-new BATLOGGER C. The device is the solution for almost all tasks of passive monitoring of bats.

Short specification:

  • Recording and storage of ultrasonic calls are the same as in the BATLOGGER M
  • Integrated GPS and temperature measurement
  • Free analysis software BatExplorer
  • All components waterproof, IP67 (except microphone capsule
  • Display with backlight for operation direct on the device
  • Microphone extension cable with a new designed protective tube
  • Uses the proven FG-black microphones from the BATLOGGER M
  • Replaceable Li-Ion batteries, charging is possible at home
  • Direct connection of a solar panel or the power supply during recordings
  • Integrated GSM module SMS and e-mail function
  • Fixation mounts for anti-theft locks and integrated SMS-site-alarm

    Prices and start of delivery will follow....
12.11.2014 – BATLOGGER M and BatExplorer workshop
A workshop about BATLOGGER M device and BatExplorer software will be held on 5th of December 2014 in Neu-Ulm, Germany. The event will be organised by our service partner WIGUM GmbH. Learn more about smart analysing of your data and the usage of our devices. Please register here.
Language of the workshop is German.
18.09.2014 – New website

Here we go! Check out the all new BATLOGGER website. Ready for the future with a modern responsive design and clear structure.

Thanks to the LST Schenker Team.

The new BATSCANNER STEREO meets all the requirements that you would expect from a modern bat detector. It is very easy to use and beginners see immediate success. Nevertheless, experienced experts can influence the functions to meet their needs.

The highlights are the two ultrasonic microphones that allow a stereo output and thus make the detection of bats even easier and more accurate. The stereo sound feels much more natural, as if you were right in the middle.
04.09.2014 – Elekon AG @ EBRS

Elekon AG's booth at this years 13. EBRS (European Bat Research Symposium) in Šibenik (Croatia).

Besides many interesting discussions with existing and future customers also the prototype of the next-generation bat detector was shown.

01.06.2014 – Resellers of Elekon-Bat-products
We show the list of our resellers on our website now. It could be found here.
Do not hesitate to contact our partners.

Many feedbacks of our customers from the EU-area prompted us to change our sales concept a bit.
On this way we try to minimize the problems with taxes, duties, transportation costs and all other administrative challenges for our customers.
01.04.2014 – BATLOGGER M with new positioning module
With the new positioning module, the BATLOGGER M receives now in addition to the GPS also GLONASS satellite signals. This allows to process more satellites simultaneously and the time to the first position determination (TTFF) drops significantly, even in rather difficult reception conditions. The antenna is now completely inside the housing and no longer sticks out.

Software maintenance

In the download section new versions of BATLOGGER firmware (v2.3.3) and BatExplorer software (v1.10.4.0) are available. These mainly include bug fixes and stability improvements.
01.03.2014 – BATLOGGER update package
New firmware, new PC software and new opportunities - The bat season 2014 can begin. Many improvements and long-awaited features facilitate the management of large amounts of data and allow for additional applications.

The BATLOGGER firmware v2.3 now supports subfolders, recording schedule can use sunset and sunrise time and large memory cards up to 128GB can be used, to name the most important innovations.

The BatExplorer software v1.10 with call shape detection, improved export functions or assignment of multiple species per recording, enables to quickly and easily analyze lots of recordings. The function, to add or delete individual calls by hand wheras species proposals are automatically updated, simplifies the measurement and determination significantly.

Update your BATLOGGER system now. All you need to do that can be found here.

BATLOGGER M with microphone FG black
From now on the BATLOGGER M is supplied with the weather-resistant microphone FG black. This allows to use BATLOGGER M even more universally. And all this without a price increase, the BATLOGGER M price remains the same.
01.09.2013 – Workshop on recording and analysis of ultrasonic signals of bats
The workshop for all BATLOGGER fans takes place in the WSL (Birmensdorf) soon:

22. November 2013, 09:30 - 16:30

Topics such as BATLOGGER trigger functions, data analysis and species classification, with lots of background information and examples give the user a better understanding and enables a more focused work with the huge amount of data produced during bat observation. Sign up today. The workshop is free.

More informationen can be found in the invitation.

Registration deadline: 17. November 2013
01.08.2013 – New BatExplorer version 1.9
Clearer and faster. One could summarize the new version of the BatExplorer software.
A new "compact view" of the spectrograms increases the overview significantly. The calls will be cut and concatenated so you can see call shapes and type at a glance. Horizontal guide lines enable quick visual distinction or grouping of bat species and thereby accelerate the manual evaluation.
Thanks to new calculation algorythms the analysis is now faster and the call recognition is improved.
By zooming with the mouse in the activity or frequency diagram, the recordings can now be filtered easily and quickly by time or frequency. Also, the map and the call list is now adjusted accordingly.
It is now possible to enter custom texts as bat species. This also allows to assign species which are not included in the library.

By the way, ...

... did you know that you can enlarge the map and display it in a separate window? Clicking the 'Fullscreen' button opens the view and makes it possible to eg. see the map on the second screen. Also, if a GPX track was recorded, its altitude and speed profile can be shown.
01.05.2013 – BatExplorer 1.8
BatExplorer 1.8
A number of improvements will assist you in evaluating large amounts of data. For example, better keyboard operation (shortcuts), faster species selection by a smart drop-down box or control of the analysis by the user allow an easy job. Furthermore, it is now possible to make a species selection at genus level (e.g. Myotis spec.) and to excluded individual species from use.

The current version 2.2.8 fixes some bugs. Find all changes in the changelog.

BatLib App
Our Android app has been extended with numerous lovely bat photos and further interesting facts. Many thanks to the donors for the great photos.
More information on Google play.

By the way, ...
... did you know that one can listen to the recordings both time expanded as well as mixed (heterodyne) with the BATLOGGER retroactively? Setup the PLAYBACK_MODE under Setup -> Audio accordingly. 
In mode "pitch" (time expanded) and PLAYBACK_SPEED = 1, the recordings are played back in real time. With the speaker of the BATLOGGER M one can "simulate" a bat in a simple way.
01.02.2013 – New Ultrasonic microphone: FG black
The active ultrasonic microphone is characterized by a flat frequency response and good resistance to moisture. This makes it ideal for long-term outdoor applications. Together with the BATLOGGER M thus an ideal system for field research is available.

Order now

Extension kit 100m green
Have you ever wished to log bats high above ground or in hard to reach places? With the extension kit 100m green this is no problem. Place the microphone up to 100 meters away from the BATLOGGER, for example on a measurement mast.
The benefits are obvious:
- The BATLOGGER can be positioned safely and protected (e.g. in a StrongBox behind a bush, in a shelter powered through the included power supply, ...)
- The BATLOGGER remains easily accessible, e.g. to exchange the SD card
- A special, active ultrasonic microphone FG green is included in the kit

Order now
01.01.2013 – Many new things for the new year

With this firmware update the BATLOGGER gets almost all features of the new BATLOGGER M. And that more than 3 years after its launch. So you get almost a new device again.
And that is not all. We are already planning further useful features. So 2013 will certainly be interesting, especially when one is calling a BATLOGGER his own.

BATLOGGER Firmware-Update

With this firmware update the BATLOGGER gets almost all features of the new BATLOGGER M. And that more than 3 years after its launch. So you get almost a new device again.

The version 1.1 of BATPARS editor software (Mac and PC) contains all the parameters of the new BATLOGGER firmware. Thus configuration and preparation of the BATLOGGER is a breeze.

BatExplorer Software-Update
Also a new version of the BatExplorer PC software can not be missing. Besides many small improvements and bug fixes, especially the new fullscreen view of the overview map with import and display of GPX tracks are worth mentioning. Thus, you not only see where bat recordings were made, but also with where you have been, without that bats were active. This improves your statements about your transects and bat-walks.

The BATPARS editor can be started directly from the SD card and does not require any special installation. The BatExplorer software can also be found on the SD card. It can be installed by double-clicking the installation file on your PC. Then follow the instructions on the screen. 

Alternatively, you can download the individual firmware/software files from our homepage separately.

01.11.2012 – New product
The new BATLOGGER M with many new features and improvements fresh out of development.
01.05.2012 – BatExplorer 1.6
With the new version the bat information that is already available as an Android app, entered the BatExplorer species library. In addition, further charts and statistics help to keep track.
Many other improvements and adjustments simplify the evaluation. With the "delete and next" function, for example, process of your recordings is now even faster and more convenient.

Download now.

Did you know ...
... if the BATLOGGER buttons '<<' and '>>' are pressed at the same time, a recording is started immediately. This is particularly useful to ensure that a recording is made, for example during the reintroduction of nurslings.
01.04.2012 – BATLOGGER BATPARS Editor

BATPARS Editor is a small tool to adjust BATLOGGER settings (BATPARS.xml) user friendly on your computer . It is now available for download for PC and Mac.
Thus it is very easy to setup all parameters according to your wishes, even without first searching the manual for the correct and partly cryptic values.

BatLib Android App
With the BatLib app you get the bat calls of the major European species on your smartphone. Listen and compare them with the calls from your BATSCANNER.
More information on Google play.

Even though the BATSCANNER is available since last summer in our web shop, we present the unit here today for the first time in the newsletter.

The BATSCANNER is a completely innovative mixer-detector, which does not require any adjustments of the user.
The units switches within milliseconds completely automatic to the right mixer frequency due to a unique algorithm.

Especially for children and non-professionals, this is an absolute advantage. So you never miss a noctule again.

In addition, we can present the first recording of our tests in stereo. This works best with headphones.

01.12.2011 – BatExplorer 1.5
As a little Christmas Present, a new version of BatExplorer is available for download.
- Improvements in the call display: Jump to a call directtly, zoom ratio of a call is now uniform (better comparability)
- Recognition of "old" versions of analysis algorithm and proposal for re-analysis
- New Divider playback method (still experimental)
- Select bat species for multiple recordings
- Set location manually (for recordings without a GPS signal)
Further details in the Changelog.

Season's Greetings
We thank all our customers for their confidence and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
01.11.2011 – BatExplorer 1.4
Just in time for long, cold winter evenings, a new version of BatExplorer is available for download.
- Optimised call detection and automatic measurements
- Fixed/optimized parameters in bat species library
- Improved Contrast/Luminanz-Setting

This, together with the new features of the last two versions, as
- Zoomable waveform display
- Extensive library of bats with information of echolocation of the individual species (32 European species)
- Improved filtering and sorting options
- And much more
the analysis of your recordings is further simplified.

National Bat Conservation Conference 2011
Visit us at our booth this Saturday, 26.11.2011 at the National Bat Conservation Conference 2011 in Bern and see the latest developments of Elekon Bat-Products live.
Interesting information about BatExplorer are presented in the lecture of Hans Gysin at 11:15: BatExplorer als Weg von dir zur Fledermaus.
01.10.2011 – Workshop on recording and analysis of ultrasonic signals of bats

The workshop for all BATLOGGER fans takes place in the WSL (Birmensdorf) soon: 15. November 2011, 09:30 - 16:30

Topics such as BATLOGGER trigger functions, data analysis and species classification, with lots of background information and examples give the user a better understanding and enables a more focused work with the huge amount of data produced during bat observation. Sign up today. The workshop is free.

More informationen can be found in the invitation (German).

Registration deadline: 8. November 2011

01.07.2011 – Check out our new website
Since July 1st our website contains a lot of new things: New products, more content and additional information. 
Moreover, our new online store is available. At the request of several customers we now offer the ability to process orders by credit card or PayPal account. Shopping around the Clock!

New BatExplorer version 1.1
The new version has a lot of useful new features:
- New playback method,  next to time expansion there is now a heterodyne mixer mode
- Browse through your recordings faster: One click only to display the next recording
- Additional charts: Spectrum, call distribution and temperature pattern
- Do not miss a call, thanks to the new call overview across the whole project

Download now.
01.04.2011 – BatExplorer - ready for download
Our analysis tool BatExplorer is available now.

Among analysing the calls your data will be managed clearly. You can add comments and notes to your data, listening the sounds and view your GPS data on the map.

After a beta-testphase the software was improved once again at the memory handling. Please be careful. A 4GB SD-card full of bat calls results in a tremendous mathematical calculation effort. The better the hardware, the better the work.

For questions we took some information at FAQ on our homepage (only in German for now). Furthermore you could watch a film on YouTube to see the handling with the software. We added some demo-files as well. Just in case you don't have a BATLOGGER "yet", you can get a first impression.

We wish you a lot of fun and success during analysing your BATLOGGER-data.
01.03.2011 – BatExplorer goes to the beta-test phase
Our analysis tool BatExplorer designed for Windows has become the beta-test status now.

Among analysing the calls your data will be managed clearly. You can add comments and notes toyour data, listening the sounds and view your GPS data on the map.

The software goes now throught a strict assessment by selected testers. It will be available soon at no charge for you.