BATSCANNER – Bat calls made audible – the simple way

  • Ultrasound mixing detector for bat calls
  • Small, portable device to have always with yo
  • Adjusts automatically and displays the detected frequenzy
  • Headphone and speaker operation, crystal clear sound
  • Ideal for groups or excursions
  • Identical sensitivity as the BATLOGGER


Detect bat calls easier than ever.
Turn on and listen – that's all. The ultrasonic sounds are automatically transformed into the audible range. Nothing needs to be adjusted.

The BATSCANNER is an ultrasonic device for implementation of bat calls (bat detector) by the so-called "mixer" - principle. What makes the BATSCANNER unique is that the mixing frequency is determined and readjusted automatically by the call frequency of the bats. 

Suggested retail price: CHF 225.– (excl. VAT)



Automatic bat detector

The automatic frequency tuning of the BATSCANNER offers many advantages:

  • Immediate display of the main frequency, even with only a brief flyby. This also helps to get a first estimation of the species.
  • Miss no bat, just because the wrong frequency is tuned.
  • No tedious search for the optimal setting, which is especially helpful in the dark.
Excellent audio performance

The heterodyne converter is digitally driven. This gives the BATSCANNER a clear sound and only minimal noise. The built-in loudspeaker has been optimized to avoid feedback loops and connected to a headset, one can concentrate even better on the bat calls.

Small and handy

The BATSCANNER sits comfortably in the hand, is leightweight and not too big to take it with you everywhere you go. Thus one is always prepared. Whether on the evening walk or the next bat excursion, the BATSCANNER is the ideal companion.

Noise reduction

Crickets and noise from walking are an annoing problem when observing with bat detectors. The BATSCANNER minimizes this problem by a special handling of lower frequencies. Moreover, with only on button press the frequency is reset so the noise is gone. Nevertheless you will not miss any noctule.



BATSCANNER (WxLxD)65 x 120 x 27 mm
Weight BATSCANNER145 g

Power supply3 x 1,5 V batteries type AAA ( LR03)
Operating timeapprox. 20 – 25 h

Sensitivity range 15 – 120 kHz
Type of microphoneElektret condenser microphone
Heterodyne mixerwith automatic or manual adjustment
Audio outputSpeaker, Headphones (3.5 mm mini jack)

7-Segment LED  green, 3 digits



Interesting information on European bats and their calls:

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