BAT Detectors

Our mixing detectors, based on heterodyne signal processing, offer the entrance to the world of bat calls. They are characterised by simplest usability and unequalled automatic adjustment of the peak frequency. The possibility to hear bats in stereo helps to observe them during their nocturnal flights.

Bat Detectors Overview

Table caption
Typemobile bat detectormobile bat detector
Acoustic signal processingheterodyneheterodyne
Type of microphoneElectret-condenserMEMS-Electret
Number of microphones21
Microphone weather resistantyesno
Optimised noise suppressionyesno
Integrated Speakermonomono
Headphones 3.5mm jackstereomono
Automatic detection of peak frequencyyesyes
Manual peak frequency selectionyesno
Auto off30 minutes / off30 minutes
Lower frequency limit15 kHz – 119 kHz15 kHz
Upper frequency limit120 kHz – 16 kHz120 kHz
Cricket preventionyesyes
Display7-Segment LED7-Segment LED
Frequency resolution1 kHz1 kHz
Direction display of acoustic sourceyesno