Detect and observe bats successfully

Bats use an ingenious ultrasonic echolocation system for guidance and tracking prey. Our BATLOGGER equipment and software takes advantage of this speciality by recording and analyzing the sounds of the animals. The BATSCANNER bat detectors open the inaudible ultrasonic world to our ears. Our devices are very sensitive, so you will no more miss any bat passing by. You will immediately hear it, no matter on what frequency it is calling.


21.04.2016 – Workshop for BATLOGGER M and BatExplorer in Germany

A workshop about the use of BATLOGGER M and the BatExplorer software will be held in Münster, Germany. The event will be organised by our service partner WIGUM GmbH. Learn more about smart analysing of your data and the usage of our devices.

Date: 20.05.2016
Time: 10.00–16.00 Uhr
Location: Münster, Germany
Language: German

Please register here.

29.02.2016 – BATLOGGER A+ record even longer

Small, robust and with even longer recording time. Following the BATLOGGER A we want to introduce the new BATLOGGER A+ with changeable battery packs. It records for 5 nights a 10 hours, allows simple battery exchange and more.

And of course you won't miss a bat with this small device either, because even in this small box you will find our highly sensitive recording system.

As usual we provide you not only with the BATLOGGER A+, but with an ultrasonic microphone, micro SD card, battery pack and our free analysis software.

Short specification:

  • Real-time recording and storage of ultrasonic calls on micro SD card
  • Highly sensitive FG-microphone
  • Temperature logging integrated
  • Free analysis software BatExplorer
  • All components waterproof, IP67 (except microphone capsule)
  • Exchangeable battery pack for 5 nights recording time

Suggested retail price: CHF 1160.– (excl. VAT)

Learn more or order your BATLOGGER A+ as from mid March in a store near you.

24.02.2016 – Automatic microphone test

For trouble-free long-term monitoring, it is essential to monitor the microphone sensitivity. With the MC32 microphone cable with integrated tester this is done automatically by the BATLOGGER C or BATLOGGER A/A+ devices.

The MC32W is specially designed for wind turbines. With tester and external GSM antenna connection, the installation in a wind turbine gondola is a breeze.

BATLOGGER accessories

04.11.2015 – BATLOGGER A - ready for delivery
The BATLOGGER A is ready for delivery from today and allows a quick and cost-effective entry into the world of real-time recording of bat calls.

Recording device, micro SD card, ultrasonic microphone and analysis software is included for only CHF 1060.- (recommended retail price, excl. VAT).

Learn more or find a store near you.
02.11.2015 – BATLOGGER C - Firmware 2.4.4

The BATLOGGER C Firmware Version 2.4.4 includes several stability and performance improvements. The archive also includes a new version of BATPARS Editor Software (PC/MAC) with a few bug fixes and enhancements.

All files and instructions required for the firmware update can be downloaded here.