Detect and observe bats successfully

Bats use an ingenious ultrasonic echolocation system for guidance and tracking prey. Our BATLOGGER equipment and software takes advantage of this speciality by recording and analyzing the sounds of the animals. The BATSCANNER bat detectors open the inaudible ultrasonic world to our ears. Our devices are very sensitive, so you will no more miss any bat passing by. You will immediately hear it, no matter on what frequency it is calling.


03.03.2015 – BATLOGGER C – Announcement

The proven BATLOGGER - system will come up with an additional device for real-time recording of ultrasound calls. Many ideas of our costumers have been integrated in the brand-new BATLOGGER C. The device is the solution for almost all tasks of passive monitoring of bats.

Short specification:

  • Recording and storage of ultrasonic calls are the same as in the BATLOGGER M
  • Integrated GPS and temperature measurement
  • Free analysis software BatExplorer
  • All components waterproof, IP67 (except microphone capsule
  • Display with backlight for operation direct on the device
  • Microphone extension cable with a new designed protective tube
  • Uses the proven FG-black microphones from the BATLOGGER M
  • Replaceable Li-Ion batteries, charging is possible at home
  • Direct connection of a solar panel or the power supply during recordings
  • Integrated GSM module SMS and e-mail function
  • Fixation mounts for anti-theft locks and integrated SMS-site-alarm

    Prices and start of delivery will follow....
12.11.2014 – BATLOGGER M and BatExplorer workshop
A workshop about BATLOGGER M device and BatExplorer software will be held on 5th of December 2014 in Neu-Ulm, Germany. The event will be organised by our service partner WIGUM GmbH. Learn more about smart analysing of your data and the usage of our devices. Please register here.
Language of the workshop is German.
18.09.2014 – New website

Here we go! Check out the all new BATLOGGER website. Ready for the future with a modern responsive design and clear structure.

Thanks to the LST Schenker Team.

The new BATSCANNER STEREO meets all the requirements that you would expect from a modern bat detector. It is very easy to use and beginners see immediate success. Nevertheless, experienced experts can influence the functions to meet their needs.

The highlights are the two ultrasonic microphones that allow a stereo output and thus make the detection of bats even easier and more accurate. The stereo sound feels much more natural, as if you were right in the middle.
04.09.2014 – Elekon AG @ EBRS

Elekon AG's booth at this years 13. EBRS (European Bat Research Symposium) in Šibenik (Croatia).

Besides many interesting discussions with existing and future customers also the prototype of the next-generation bat detector was shown.