Detect and observe bats successfully

Bats use an ingenious ultrasonic echolocation system for guidance and tracking prey. Our BATLOGGER equipment and software takes advantage of this speciality by recording and analyzing the sounds of the animals. The BATSCANNER bat detectors open the inaudible ultrasonic world to our ears. Our devices are very sensitive, so you will no more miss any bat passing by. You will immediately hear it, no matter on what frequency it is calling.


17.01.2017 – Ready for the new season?

Are your microphones still functioning properly or is it time to get new ones?  Dirt or moisture can reduce the sensitivity of a microphone and compromise your recordings.

Test your microphone with this short instruction or with our Microphone Tester Pulse and be sure that you don't miss a bat call during the new season.

New microphones or the Microphone Tester Pulse are available directly from us or one our our resellers.

10.01.2017 – New year, new prices
To start the new year we want to spread good news: 

The BATLOGGER A is now available for only CHF900.– (excl. VAT). 
We think that this is the ideal solution, if you want a cost efficient real-time system or if you need several devices for your studies.

Our robust device which uses the reliable BATLOGGER recording system is an excellent static full spectrum bat recorder.

And our mobile real-time system BATLOGGER M has also gotten a slight price reduction and is now available for only CHF1730.– (excl. VAT).

These recording devices and much more is available directly from us or at one of our reseller.
03.01.2017 – Workshop in Neu-Ulm

Another workshop regarding the BATLOGGER M and the BatExplorer is taking place in Germany on January 16th. 

Find more information directly on the website of our service partner BatStore.

06.07.2016 – BatExplorer 1.11.4

The version 1.11.4 contains mainly bugfixes and stability improvements. But in addition to that we also added some small features:

  • Save/restore filters
  • Additional "Instant species" buttons
  • Open RAW files (Batcorder)

Download now...

21.06.2016 – Microphone Tester Pulse

Not sure if your bat detector microphone is working properly? With the new Microphone Tester Pulse you can check the functioning of a bat detector microphone quickly. Due to its size, it is the ideal device to have always with you for a quick check ahead of your bat walk. 

Test your BATLOGGER or BATSCANNER with these simple steps:

  1. Place the device with the speaker opening directly on top of the ultrasonic microphone to test
  2. Press the ‘BATLOGGER’ or ‘BATSCANNER’ button according to the device to test
  3. Check if the test pulses are recorded or transformed into audible range as expected

Order it at one of our resellers or have a look at our other accessories.