Detect and observe bats successfully

Bats use an ingenious ultrasonic echolocation system for guidance and tracking prey. Our BATLOGGER equipment and software takes advantage of this speciality by recording and analyzing the sounds of the animals. The BATSCANNER bat detectors open the inaudible ultrasonic world to our ears. Our devices are very sensitive, so you will no more miss any bat passing by. You will immediately hear it, no matter on what frequency it is calling.


09.05.2018 – Price reduction BATLOGGER C

Ideal for long-term studies: 

The BATLOGGER C is now available for only  CHF1990.– (excl. VAT). 

The BATLOGGER C records for 100 hours  with internal battery packs and can also be powered through a solar panel, car battery or directly from mains. 
With the built-in GSM module, you are always in the picture, how the status of the device is and whether recordings have been made. Let yourself be informed about the status via SMS and / or email notification.

The BATLOGGER C and much more can be ordered directly from us or on of our partner stores.

12.09.2017 – FIRMWARE 2.5 For BATLOGGER A/A+/C/M

There is a new Firmware available for all our BATLOGGER devices with these new possibilities: 

  • New SD Trigger
    Similar to the period trigger, the SD trigger uses the periodicity of the signal to distinguish insects from bats and only triggers if sinusoid signals (bats) are present. To adapt to different recording environments, the sensitivity and frequency bounds can be adjusted.
  • Trigger-Ignore
    To reduce recurring recordings of the same animal, a trigger ignore time can be configured.
  • Display Modus
    There are new display configurations available and you can customise the display to show what you want.

Special changes for BATLOGGER C:
The SMS/email status message was updated. It includes the different frequencies that were recorded.

Special changes for BATLOGGER M:
To improve the hearing experience, an automatic muting/unmuting (squelch) can be configured. The output is muted as long as no trigger event is happening.

Download the Firmware 2.5 here:

Please read the installation manual for your device.

10.08.2017 – Workshop in Bad Segeberg 22.–23.09.2017

The next BATLOGGER and BatExplorer workshop takes place during 22.–23.09.2017 in Bad Segeberg, Germany.

Find more information directly at our partner store: BatStore.

17.05.2017 – Workshop in Leipzig 26.06.2017

Another workshop regarding the BATLOGGER and the BatExplorer is taking place in Germany on June 26th.

Find more information directly on the website of our service partner BatStore.

For our English speaking customers we will be happy to answer your questions at the Wales Bat Conference 2017.

17.01.2017 – Ready for the new season?

Are your microphones still functioning properly or is it time to get new ones?  Dirt or moisture can reduce the sensitivity of a microphone and compromise your recordings.

Test your microphone with this short instruction or with our Microphone Tester Pulse and be sure that you don't miss a bat call during the new season.

New microphones or the Microphone Tester Pulse are available directly from us or one our our resellers.